Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sustainable Feng Shui

Jannette Tibbs and myself have finally got Sustainable Feng Shui Gardening into a draft stage for reviewing. I found the book thought provoking as I sought new ideas and applications for the garden.

Feng Shui definitely has a place for those wanting to practice sustainable gardening. By balancing Yin and Yang and encouraging Chi to remain healthy and abundant, the garden basically practices its own form of sustainability. Recognising Sha Chi and getting the gardens five-element balance right also assist.

Of interest were my findings in the Personal Garden section. (I split the book into a discussion of four gardens – Feng Shui, Energy, Natural and Personal). One of the findings suggested sustainability within us is as important as sustainability in our surroundings. If we get our body and mind balanced in its Chi, we’re practicing sustainability.

I was drawn to the relevance of personal sustainability while visiting the garden of a friend last weekend. This garden is over 2 hectare or five acres and cared for by a full time gardener, the garden in its spring flush with Chi flow stimulated and abundant and our connection to it very stimulating to our mind and soul.

Discussing Fingers of Energy (my next Ebook) I mentioned we couldn’t really connect and enjoy our surroundings unless we felt harmonious. I recalled my Yin hand energies and its five fingers suggesting our body balanced in its rhythm and flow; mind being clean and free; spirituality and its two words of love and peace; relationships and the two words of humour and contentment and finally; the last finger (five on each hand) knowledge and its two – tolerance and fulfilment. Not a bad package at all to call upon and keep ourself in harmony. Sustainability comes along for the ride.

Geeing up the mind for the O/S trip of Borneo, Burma and Bali (the 3 B’s), I thought about themes and ideas including the notion all things have energy and through our Zen (for a better word), they have a spirit. Wow, interesting stuff and not a bad idea to work with and hopefully coming away from the trip with some resolutions to that notion and others.

I hope to discuss and identify the difference between Chi energy and spiritual energy and ask a lot of questions to myself and of the reader when ‘’Spirit of a Place’’ comes into reality. I hope I tread new ground.

Keep well, Ross

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