Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What's been happening with me?

I’ve been pretty busy lately. Jannette Tibbs and I have been installing about twenty illustrations for the new publication 'Fingers of Energy' and they really bring the text to life. The eBook will hopefully show its face on the website with the next month or so.

Jannette has convinced me to complete 'Me Chi and Harmony' a bit earlier because it seems to be a good read and illustrates a journey and discovery of Chi along with my upbringing as an Australian farmer. I’ve seemed to have taken a journey from that of naivety and ignorance as a farmer (impacts on our environments) leading to an awakening and learning, doing something about it and enjoying the benefits good husbandry with the land can produce. It’s a journey many people of the land have taken as we become more aware of the role in being responsible to the land that surrounds us. The final stage in the publication suggests another awakening and that of Chi and the natural energies, of spirituality and connectiveness to nature and its landscapes. A process evolving as a complete cycle and something many of us are doing right now around the planet.

I’ve made a airflight booking (cheap as chips) via KL in Malaysia to Yangon in Myanmar and from Yangon fly to Myitkyina and come down the Irrawaddy River to Bagan and spend time on a horse drawn sulky visiting the thousands of temples scattered across the Bagan plain. The energies of the place will come to me and I’ll use the occasion to put together something for the upcoming 'Spirit of a Place' publication. I feel a deep and spiritual occasion coming up and I hope of great use in my future work.

Finally, I'm making arrangements to produce a series of short video clips and downloads to explain my interpretations to Harmonious Chi Gardening. These should help those wanting to get a better grip on harmonious chi gardening and its wondrous opportunities to view and take the garden into a new direction and influence over your connection with it. Exciting stuff and I’ll also work to produce short video clips or snapshots (for free downloads) on general aspects of gardening including a series on “How to Plant a Plant’’. I apologise in not recognising the benefits of video sooner in explaining something new such as harmonious chi gardening.

Hope your well, Ross Lamond

Friday, June 18, 2010

YouTube Branded Page

We have just added a new Feng Shui Garden Branded Page on YouTube I will be making a series of 'how to' videos on Feng Shui Gardening along with some promotional videos for my eBooks. It should be an exciting project and one that will develop as time goes on.

Add me as a friend so we can spread the Feng Shui community and enjoy each others work. Also keep checking the website Feng Shui Garden for updated articles and my newly published eBooks.

Regards, Ross