Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th, has arrived in August and is it lucky or not? One plus three equals four and that’s an unsettling number, but the day has been Ok for me, so what’s to complain.

Myself, I’ve been busy doing up the relocatable home next to me here at Arrawarra. It’s coming along well. Australians would suggest it has been bloody hard work but that’s OK. Number three’s garden will wait until I get to it, bit I’m not rushing, knowing the garden will evolve into something better by a ‘steady as it goes’ approach and laying it out to stimulate its Chi. That time will arrive in the next few weeks, as winter with its Yin gives way to emergence of Yang and Spring and that instilling life and that’s a good time to work in the garden to encourage that flush of growth and vitality.

Jannette Tibbs and I have finally got ‘Me Chi and Harmony’ where we want it. It promises to be a pleasant read and story of an Australian learning to understand something about the environment, a transition in his personal life and learning to apply a different form of husbandry to the land and that leading into a spiritual association. There are some lessons in it for us all.

‘Fingers of Energy’ is very close to completion and that too promises to be a good read and hopefully opening up different horizons for the reader, understanding something different about themselves and relationship to others. The story introduces something of Yin and Yang and its many extensions into our lives. This one I think will provide something very unique and exciting.

I keep feeling Fingers of Energy will become well known and for some a ‘guide to life’. Whatever the outcome, it promises to be thought provoking and continually asks the reader to become involved in developing the ideas and guide it into its future.

Hope you’re traveling well.

Ross Lamond