Friday, October 22, 2010

Myanmar Update

In Yangon, Myanmar at present. Myanmar is a land of monks and potholes. The potholes in the roads are winning. I suppose its the perpetual rain at present and more to come as a low pressure system moves into the Bay of Bengal. I hope it doesn't dump too much rain onto the lower Irrawaddy Delta because (from the air) its in full flush with a great rice crop in the making.

I guess I'm only human and presently have a persistent stomach bug which has taken home somewhere in my intestine tract. I wish it would take its leave from my previously balanced (Chi tuned) body.

Of concern was postponement of travel plans to visit Myauk-U and its temples. The tropical low hopefully will abate and I'll return in two weeks time and try again. I had a feeling the temples and their landscapes would connect with me in a spiritual sense and satisfy the quest of my journey. I think we all have a spirit out there somewhere waiting for us to recognise and connect with it. Many find their spirits through the Church, Synagogue or Temple. Although some of us don't take that pathway and try to find a spiritual connection elsewhere. Its a personal thing and part of our inner self wanting to come out.

Myself, I'm on a spiritual journey in the looking of my inner self and feel my spirit lies with nature and surroundings free from human change and dominance. Those temples in Myauk-U could have met my dream. Although Bagan is coming up (next week or so) and for many its splendour is very spiritual and to some a home of the spirits. Mankind at peace with nature and harmony transcending over the landscape.

We'll see what occurs over the next 2 weeks.

Keep well, Ross

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